Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled

Biblical prophecies accurately foretell many events, with specific details, many years (sometimes centuries), before they occur. The sheer volume of prophecies (about 2,500) in the Bible, and the fact that about 2,000 of those have already been fulfilled, without errors, speaks for themselves that they could only come true because of the divine hand of God.

 Prophesies concerning His birthProphesied inProphesy fulfilled in
1.Born of the seed of womanGen 3:15Gal 4:4
2.Born of a virginIsa 7:14Matt 1:18-25
3.Seed of AbrahamGen 22:18Matt 1:1
4.Seed of IsaacGen 21:12Luke 3:23,34
5.Seed of JacobNum 24:17Luke 3:34
6.Seed of DavidJer 23:5Luke 3:31
7.Tribe of JudahGen 49:10Rev 5:5
8.Family line of JesseIsa 11:1Luke 3:32
9.Born in BethlehemMic 5:2Matt 2:1-6
10.Herod kills the childrenJer 31:15Matt 2:16-18
 Prophesies concerning His natureProphesied inProphesy fulfilled in
1.He pre-existed creationMic 5:21 Pet 1:20
2.He shall be called LordPs 110:1Acts 2:36
3.Called Immanuel (God with us)Isa 7:14Matt 1:22-23
4.ProphetDeut 18:18-19Acts 3:18-25
5.PriestPs 110:4Heb 5:5-6
6.JudgeIsa 33:22John 5:22-23
7.KingPs 2:6John 18:33-37
8.Anointed by the SpiritIsa 11:2Matt 3:16-17
9.His zeal for GodPs 69:9John 2:15-17
 Prophesies concerning His ministryProphesied inProphesy fulfilled in
1.Preceded by a messengerIsa 40:3Matt 3:1-3
2.To begin in GalileeIsa 9:1-2Matt 4:12-17
3.Ministry of MiraclesIsa 35:5-6Matt 9:35;11:4
4.Teacher of parablesPs 78:1-4Matt 13:34-35
5.He was to enter the templeMal 3:1Matt 21:10-12
6.Enter Jerusalem on donkeyZech 9:9Matt 21:1-7
7.Stone of stumbling to JewsIsa 28:16; Ps 118:221 Pet 2:6-8
8.Light to GentilesIsa 49:6Acts 13:46-48
 Prophesies concerning His crucifixionProphesied inProphesy fulfilled in
1.Betrayed by a friend
Ps 41:9John 13:18-27
2.Sold for 30 pieces of silverZech 11:12Matt 26:14-15
3.30 pieces thrown in TempleZech 11:13Matt 27:3-5
4.30 pieces buys potters fieldZech 11:13Matt 27:6-10
5.Forsaken by His disciplesZech 13:7Mark 14:27, 50
6.Accused by false witnessesPs 35:11,20-21Matt 26:59-61
7.Silent before accusersIsa 53:7Matt 27:12-14
8.Wounded and bruisedIsa 53:4-61 Pet 2:21-25
9.Beaten and spit uponIsa 50:6Matt 26:67-68
10.MockedPs 22:6-8Matt 27:27-31
11.Fell under the crossPs 109:24-25John 19:17; Luke 23:26
12.Hands and feet piercedPs 22:16John 20:24-28
13.Crucified with thievesIsa 53:12Matt 27:38
14.Prayed for enemiesIsa 53:12Luke 23:34
15.Rejected by His own peopleIsa 53:3John 19:14-15
16.Hated without causePs 69:4John 15:25
17.Friends stood aloofPs 38:11Luke22:54; 23:49
18.People wag their headsPs 22:7, 109:25Matt 27:39
19.People stared at HimPs 22:17Luke 23:35
20.Clothes divided and gambled forPs 22:18John 19:23-24
21.Became very thirstyPs 22:15John 19:28
22.Gall and vinegar offered HimPs 69:21Matt 27:34
23.His forsaken cryPs 22:1Matt 27:46
24.Committed Himself to GodPs 31:5Luke 23:46
25.Bones not brokenPs 34:20John 19:32-36
26.Heart brokenPs 69:20, 22:14John 19:34
27.His side piercedZech 12:10John 19:34,37
28.Darkness over the landAmos 8:9Luke 23:44-45
29.Buried in rich man's tombIsa 53:9Matt 27:57-60
 Prophesies concerning His
resurrection & ascension
Prophesied inProphesy fulfilled in
1.Raised from the deadPs 16:8-11Acts 2:24-31
2.Begotten as Son of GodPs 2:7Acts 13:32-35
3.Ascended to HeavenPs 68:18Eph 4:8-10; John 3:13
4.Seated beside GodPs 110:1Heb 1:3,13