Youth Ministry


TIME: 1:30pm to 2:30pm
420 Balmoral Drive,
Brampton, Ontario
L6T 1V9


TIME: 7:00pm to 8:00pm
LOCATION: Brother Mukesh’s Home


PRAYER: Strengthen your knees by practicing.


Prayer will be structured in 10 minutes of kneeling and silent prayer in each meeting. It will be hard to focus at first so try to kneel and pray at home to improve your focus and strength.

PURPOSE: Prayer does not come easily. You struggle against your mind and body each time you pray. Train yourself to want to pray while facing those struggles.

BIBLE READING: Get to know God’s Word.


Bible reading will be structured with 30 minutes of reading the New Testament out loud during each meeting. Those who wish to read can read and those who wish to listen can listen. Breaks will depend on the group’s attention span.

PURPOSE: Encourage yourself to read the Word of God on your own time. Encourage yourself to tackle the Old Testament by finishing the New Testament.

DISCUSSION: Be encouraged by others.


Discussion will be structured by 20 minutes of discussing your progress during the week. Discussion will be informal. Those who wish to share can share. Those who wish to ask questions can ask questions. Those who wish to listen can listen.

PURPOSE: Not every day will be a success. Be encouraged by others whether this week was a success or a failure.